Canine Security Solutions

Service Overview

Global Security Guards proudly offers bespoke Canine Security Solutions, integrating highly trained security dogs with skilled handlers to form an effective security measure across various settings in the UK. This comprehensive service is designed to meet the unique security needs of locations requiring a higher level of protection such as warehouses, festivals, and private estates.

Comprehensive Canine Security Services
Our Canine Security Solutions provide an unrivalled level of security, deterrence, and operational efficiency. The presence of security dogs is a proven deterrent to criminal activity, offering both a psychological and a physical barrier to potential threats.

Expertly Trained Dogs and Handlers
Each of our security dogs, alongside their handlers, undergoes rigorous training in controlled aggression, property protection, and crowd control. Our handlers are also trained in animal welfare and behaviour management to ensure the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.

Tailored Security Plans
We understand that each venue and situation is unique. As such, we offer customised security plans that integrate canine units into your overall security strategy. This tailored approach ensures that all potential security vulnerabilities are addressed, maximising safety and protection.

Versatile Deployment
Our canine teams are suitable for a wide range of applications. They are particularly effective in large areas where surveillance needs to be maintained over vast spaces. Events, night-time patrols, and high-risk areas are environments where our canine units prove invaluable.