Fire Watch

Service Overview

Global Security Guards offers a specialized Fire Watch service, designed to ensure fire safety during periods when the normal fire prevention systems are compromised or non-existent, such as during construction or after a fire system failure. This service is crucial for maintaining safety and compliance with fire regulations.

Importance of Fire Watch Services
Fire Watch services are essential for locations where the risk of fire is increased or where regular fire safety systems cannot be relied upon. This includes construction sites, buildings undergoing renovation, or any facility experiencing system failures.

Trained Fire Watch Personnel
Our Fire Watch personnel are specifically trained to handle fire safety in high-risk environments. They are equipped with the knowledge to identify potential fire hazards, execute preventive measures, and act swiftly in the event of a fire. This includes maintaining a vigilant watch over the premises and ensuring that all fire safety protocols are followed.

Constant Vigilance
Our Fire Watch service operates on a 24/7 basis, providing continuous monitoring of the premises. Personnel keep detailed logs of their observations and are trained to immediately report any signs of fire or hazards that could lead to a fire. Their presence can be the critical factor in preventing a small incident from becoming a catastrophic event.