Gateman & Traffic Marshalls​

Service Overview

Global Security Guards provides a dedicated Gateman and Traffic Marshalls service, designed to manage and secure the flow of traffic and personnel at various sites, including construction zones, commercial premises, and large public events in the UK. This service plays a crucial role in ensuring safety, reducing congestion, and enhancing the efficiency of operations on-site.

Role of Gatemen and Traffic Marshalls
Gatemen and Traffic Marshalls are critical in managing access to sites, ensuring that only authorized personnel and vehicles enter. They maintain logs of all entries and exits, provide information and directions to visitors, and ensure compliance with site safety protocols.

Enhanced Site Safety
Our trained professionals are instrumental in preventing accidents by managing vehicle and pedestrian traffic effectively. They are equipped with the knowledge to handle emergency situations, helping to maintain order and prevent potential hazards.

Traffic Control and Management
With the ability to swiftly adapt to changing conditions, our Traffic Marshalls facilitate smooth operations, whether it’s redirecting traffic flow, managing parking, or coordinating deliveries. Their presence is vital in minimising disruptions and maintaining a steady flow of traffic.

Professional Training
All our Gatemen and Traffic Marshalls receive comprehensive training in health and safety, traffic management, and customer service. This training ensures they can perform their duties effectively, providing a professional service that enhances the reputation of your site.