Security Guards

Service Overview

Global Security Guards employs only SIA-licensed professionals, ensuring each guard meets stringent standards of expertise and reliability. Our guards undergo a rigorous screening and vetting process, which guarantees a team equipped to handle various security challenges with professionalism and adaptability.

24/7 Availability Across the UK
We provide continuous security coverage, offering our services 365 days a year throughout England, Wales, and Scotland. Whether it’s a permanent site presence or emergency coverage, our team is ready to respond with effective solutions tailored to your specific circumstances.

Tailored Training and Skills Development
Our training programs are meticulously designed to cater to different industry sectors. We equip our guards with essential skills relevant to your specific security concerns, from retail to corporate environments. Our guards receive bespoke classroom training and practical on-the-job experiences that focus on industry-specific threats and best practices. This comprehensive training ensures our guards not only meet but exceed your expectations, integrating seamlessly as valued members of your team.

Enhanced Safety with Advanced Training
In addition to standard training, we offer guards trained in first aid and health and safety protocols, providing an added layer of safety to your premises. These skills are crucial in ensuring a swift and effective response in emergency situations, further enhancing the security and well-being of your staff and visitors.